Price and Social Monitoring

From platform to sensors

Price and Social Monitoring

Web site and Social Network Monitoring


It provides a complete view of your dealers to verify compliance with commercial agreements
It helps you find the positioning of your company and / or your products on social media with the possible verification of the impact of the dealer not respecting the agreements on the reputation of the company


Basic functions

Analyze large amounts of data

Analyze and interpret the texts
present in large volumes of data

Carry out statistical studies on how information is propagated through online channels

Study the sentiment and reputation uploaded by major social networks, media blogs and in general all online media

What do you need it for

“Check the price of your product and social networks”


“Find out what you don’t offer compared to your competitors”


“Check the compliance of the commercial agreement”


“Your product on social networks:
– Who talks about it?
– How do you talk about it?
– Who influences the image / idea of ​​your product) “

“Find out how often you appear in the newspapers!”