Sentiment and Influencer Analysis

From platform to sensors

Sentiment and Influencer analysis 

HDM dashboard

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Not just web monitoring

Social listening

Monitoring all Social Netowork and
check topics, verify the Sentiment and discover your Influencer

Newspaper monitoring

Monitor the newspapers that are important to you and check topics, verify  the Sentiment, dicover your Influencer and analize the propagation of the news through online channel

Community online

Activate, moderate and extract insights from your online community


Blog and Forum

Realize your editorial plan, attivate the blog, manage the conversation and check the topics



How it works

Activation of custom probes to identify and extract information

Identification and monitoring of online listening areas

Use of a proprietary semantic engine to screen information

Text mining and topic extraction

Sentiment Analysis

Identification and monitorign new potential influencer

Main features

All online channels

Integration with company data

Customize dashboard

USE CASE: decorum in the city area

Detect the state of decorum of the cities.

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USE CASE: changes in the city

Detect citizen sentiment and emagement in the changes of the roads of the city.

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